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Soulful Saturday: Week 2

Week Two’s theme is: Something was hidden. Use it as a story prompt, use it to create art, a dance, a poem… you name it. And, then share it one of the following ways:

  1. Post in the comment field below.
  2. Join the Facebook Community with this link: Soulful Saturday
    and then share your work directly there, or share a link
  3. Post on instagram with the hashtag #soulfulsaturdayart, and then share a link here or on Facebook so that everyone can see your work.

Thanks!Soulful Saturday

Rebirth: Soulful Saturday Week 1

IMG_20160109_002432For the theme of rebirth, I had illusions of grandeur that I’d do an art project layered with meaning to start the new year. Instead, I decided I start the New Year by going back to the beginning. A return to the doodles that I’ve been doing since I was a child. I’ve started a Facebook community to make sharing everyone’s creations easier; however, you can always comment here, as well. Tag your creations on Facebook or Instagram with #SoulfulSaturdayArt to share. Join the Facebook community: here.

Soulful Saturday: Week One

Soulful Saturday

A new year has arrived,  and with it a new opportunity to give the idea of Soulful Saturday another shot. Each week I will post a theme to use as a starting point to inspire your creativity and self-nurturing, and my own. Use the theme to write a poem, paint, draw, shoot a photo, do an interpretive dance, journal, pamper yourself, etc… whatever suits your fancy. When you are finished, share your experience here, or on instagram with the #soulfulsaturday hashtag.

This week’s theme: Rebirth

Happy New Year!


Visit these contributor’s to the theme, and leave a comment to encourage them on their journey:

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