+14 Just another day

+14 Just another day

I worked on my intertwined tree drawing a little more today. I have ideas swirling around in my head now of possibly incorporating the tree with this week’s theme of nemesis. We’ll see. This tree is becoming particularly hard to finish drawing because I am using a photo as a reference and the branches are getting to tiny to see so instead I have to replicate them on my own. This kind of tree bends and twists in ways that I am not used to and I don’t feel like I am doing a good job of conveying that fact.

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2 thoughts on “+14 Just another day

  1. Jerry Lytle says:

    I think you are doing a great job and just remember it won’t be your nemesis if you don’t let it become that. You are very creative and can now make that tree your own. No one is requiring it look exacty like the photo. Let it take on a life of its own.


  2. Celebrine says:

    It’s beautiful. It would make a nice tattoo.


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